I’m sick. Im sick to my stomach. . Im sick of hurting, im sick of the questions , Im sick of wondering whats wrong with me, Im sick of caring about you. Im sick of being angry. Im sick of wanting things to be different. I’m sick of being sad.  Im sick of hiding my sadness. Im sick of feeling abandoned . Im sick of feeling empty. Im sick of wanting to change even though it wont bring you back. Im sick of not being who you want. Im sick of loving  you when you dont love me. Im sick of hoping one day you’ll try to come back to me. But so hopeless  it makes me want to cry

It makes me sick when I think about the times you’ve broken my heart. and my willingness to have you break it over and over and over. 

Im sick of comming on tumblr everyday just to make myself feel sick  looking at your tumblr

I don’t want to be me anymore. I want to be whoever you choose next. 

This is my last post. as I said the only reason I come on here anymore  is to stalk my ex. I don’t want to be this kind of person. 


everyday is just one distraction to the next. sleep and sleep and sleep

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Cix – located in Mexico


Cix – located in Mexico